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March 4th, 2009

Nick goes East

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It’s 8 degrees outside, and I’m fired up.

I’ve spent the last two days talking with the best and brightest and on the East coast — Harvard, Tufts, MIT — about green jobs, and the response has made my heart sing. The rooms have been full, the questions sharp, and the enthusiasm electric.

Perhaps more importantly, interest in green jobs isn’t confined to the classroom. I’ve had the opportunity to talk, in depth, about the future of the green movement, and though almost everyone agrees that there are huge challenges ahead, we also all believe that there’s enormous opportunity, too.

Witness one conversation this morning with Alex, at Harvard, who’s pursuing his dual degree in Ecological Psychology. We talked about religion, and the environmental movement’s need for a positive, inclusive vision. We rapped about the limits of policy-driven solutions, and delved into the promise of community-based, local solutions — all over some good pancakes amidst a crystal-clear “Bawston” day.

I’m off to Yale tomorrow, then NYU, then back to SF. It’s been a great trip — just 2 days in. With two more on the horizon, despite the near sub-zero temperatures, I’m confident it’s going to be a “bright, sunshiney day”. Fire it up.


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  1. David Ellis says:

    You might want to consider a visit a Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI. They are in the top 25 colleges in the U.S. to be considered a Green University. The President is Tom Haas.

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