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Green Business is the way forward

Bright Green Talent is dedicated to the promotion of green business and sustainability through technology, innovation and products.  In our business section you will find all the latest news, research and resources for Green Business Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers and Professionals. Increasingly CEOs and owners of businesses are starting to ask one critical question – “what are we going to do to prevent climate change and end our dependence on fossil fuels?

Ten years ago such a question would have seemed absurd, today it is being asked more frequently and within five years it will dominate boardroom agendas. For years, only environmental activists asked such a question, and executives responded that their goal is to maximize shareholder value. Now, there is an increasing recognition that we need leadership in every sector of society, including business, to bring about the wide-ranging changes required to tackle Climate Change. Only leadership will turn our awareness and anxiety action to follow through with long-term solutions In addition, more and more executives are realizing that, aside from the ethical argument, there is a strong business case for tackling the enormous number of environmental challenges we face. Fortune 500 businesses like Wal-Mart, GE and DuPont are saving costs by being more eco-efficient, as they make the connection between increasing profitability and protecting the environment. This dual purpose suggests an exciting, emergent model of leadership that enables executives to be leaders for their corporations and also for the environmental movement as a whole. This promises an alluring win-win where the objectives of both modes of leadership are integrated.  For example, a huge number of green business opportunities offer entrepreneurs and corporations the potential for achieving both their financial objectives and promoting sustainability Business needs what we call Bright Green Talent who are committed to a bright, positive vision of a green future where society has shifted from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and environmental protection is a top priority. Bright Green Leaders believe we can solve our environmental problems through innovation, design, creativity and the mobilization of people, finance and organizational resources. They dedicate their careers and towards leading their organizations, communities and families to a bright green future in both the private and public sectors. Businesses  can make a huge difference and implement simple steps that reduce energy use and waste while increasing profitability. They can also profit from launching sustainable products and taking advantage of many exciting green business opportunities in areas such as eco efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, green building and organic foods. Indeed, it is quite possible that the demand for renewable energy and green products and services could create the biggest market in history. If climate change and resource depletion, especially fossil fuels, continue at their present rate this will definitely be the case.

The Need for Green Business Leaders

We urgently need a new generation of leaders to tackle the massive range and scale of environmental challenges we face.  Business executives and management should create a mission that furthers the interests of their organisation and also the interests of the earth and all its inhabitants for this and future generations. This is a transcendent and universal mission that can inspire and motivate organizations and employees. Bright green leaders are ready to provide the vision, the will and the ingenuity to divert resources to dealing with climate change. This is an outstanding Business Opportunity Aside from the scientific and ethical reasons for change, Bright Green Leaders are galvanized by the massive business opportunity in confronting climate change. The global energy market is worth around $6 trillion and the opportunity for renewable energy to even capture 10% of this market makes it a $600 billion business. Then there is the green building, waste management, sustainable technology and green consumer products sectors to name a few. Also, consumers are demanding change. Most surveys show strong popular support for action. Increasingly, shoppers are buying sustainable and organic products and  surveys  consistently demonstrate that the vast majority of western consumers want their suppliers to be committed to environmental practices. The potential benefits of investing in renewable energy are enormous. There is also evidence that talent is attracted to businesses with a green agenda. This is also demonstrated by the rise of green MBA programs and other forms of environmental education for business professionals. Green Business Entrepreneurs More than anything, we need a new generation of  environmental entrepreneurs to provide the innovation, energy and ingenuity to create the products and services that will help transform our society from dependence on fossil fuels to renewable energy and sustainable technology.  As we climb out of the current recession we expect to see major activity in this sector as investors, entrepreneurs and technical specialists come together to create new ventures. Our website will be a place for Bright Green entrepreneurial talent to meet and share ideas, tools and resources. We are all in this together and we can only move forward if we collaborate.

Green Business Growth

We are also dedicated to providing the knowledge, tools and techniques for building your green and socially responsible businesses. For example, working closely with our partners at Bright Green Leadership we are helping green business and non profits improve their green marketing and green branding. We know that all responsible organizations require support to fully harness the extraordinary potential of online marketing, branding, lead generation and sales. Most, if not all, green business could increase their profitability by improving their online presence, This is essential as most conscious consumers go online to search for new products and solutions, and socially and environmentally responsible businesses have to be visible online whether on Google, You Tube, Facebook or anywhere else In our green business section we will be listing services and products that we like, and that represent the principles of Bright Green Leadership.  We want to help organizations to improve our society and our planet, and we believe that all employers and employees want more than just a pay check from their work. Organizations need Bright Green Talent, and this is the website to discover the best talent in every area of the Green Business sector.