Green Business Cards

Green Business Cards: Simple, Effective Green Marketing


Green business cards are business cards that are produced using eco-friendly printing options. Some of the cards are made from 100% recycled materials. Others use only materials which are not harmful to the environment. Still other green business cards are produced using energy saving methods and environmentally sound production processes. Ideally, purchasing a set of cards which combine all those elements would be the ideal way to go. Numerous companies are perfecting and producing high quality cards which allow users to promote their companies while maintaining harmony with the environment. This reflects a broader trend across business to develop green products and simply changing your business cards is one of the most simple statements of a company’s intention to go green.

The art of Printing Green Business Cards

Producing green business cardsrequires a reasonable amount of planning and preparation. Companies creating them are usually involved in finding 100% recycled paper, bio-safe inks, energy saving machines and environmentally friendly processes for creating the cards. It is a commitment which pays long term dividends for the planet. Using all these elements allow companies to provides the greenest business cards available. The process is by no means simple. Finding the right elements can be a challenge. In some cases the green elements are more expensive than standard ones. The companies which produce the cards and the consumer who purchases them must decide if they are able to absorb the additional costs.Some companies find producing completely green business cardsprohibitively expensive. In order to sell the cards at a profit some are forced to make tough choices. They may use recycled paper and biodegradable inks but may not be able to afford the latest energy saving machinery. Their cards are still considered green and they are often able to produce them for less and allow many to support the environment through them.
This is just one of the dilemmas with which companies creating green products are faced. Supporting those types of companies allows then to produce greener products.  So make sure that you take the time to choose an authentic business card that meets the standards you are looking for.There are a great many benefits to using environmentally friendly business cards. Business cards are commonly made from paper. Harvesting this paper means cutting down trees. One of the major environmental problems on this planet is the loss of trees which clean the air and help to combat soil erosion. Deforestation is one of the great challenges we are facing. Taking the time to locate companies using only recycled paper is a step well worth taking. It can mean eliminating the need to cut down millions of trees. Leaving those trees to grow can play a significant role in improving air and soil quality for everyone.Ink is another major component in business cards. Some inks can be destructive to the environment. They may poison the soil if care is not taken to dispose of them properly. Many of them give off noxious fumes which are bad for people and the environment. Unfortunately many of these such inks are cheaper to produce.

Companies are forced to weigh the environmental costs against production cost and profits. Eco-friendly inks are the better long term choice. Inks that are not eco-friendly are difficult to destroy safely and can do irreparable damage to any environment into which it is placed. This leads to the waste of resources through costly clean-up efforts and environmental problems.Producing business cards can be a major energy drain. Many types of printing presses require a lot of energy to operate. Often companies have the presses running all day long. This adds to their operating costs. It also burns up finite resources. Using energy efficient machines to print your business cards is a simple way to help the environment. Brown outs and Black-out have been happening more frequently in recent years. They signal the energy grids in many regions are being asked to deliver more energy than they can safely produce. Daily choices like using energy-efficient presses to make business cards is an example of simple things people can do to cut down on the strain on the over burdened power supply system.

Another benefit of using green business cards is they signal your commitment to the helping the environment to everyone to whom you give them. This is very important. A popular slogan used in the environmental sustainability movement is,’ Think globally. Act locally’. By choosing to print and distribute eco-friendly business cards you are positively affecting the environment is several ways. You are protecting the air, soil and water because of the paper and ink used in the cards. You are supporting companies working to do the same thing. Further, by handing out green business cards you are raising awareness. This is crucial because saving the planet is going to take a collective effort.

If you are clear on the messaging on your green business cards that they are, in fact, green you will be helping to spread the benefits of sustainability, as every time a card is handed to someone the green message is reinforced. We need to find every way to promote green and this simple green marketing and green branding technique can be invaluable. Once you buy this type of product, you can then consider other eco stationery products and also consider other sustainable initiatives in the office. There are many options and you can build real momentum quickly.A number of companies have already begun to use green business cards. Brown & Caldwell environmental engineering, natural foods company Annie’s, Robert Sinsky Vineyards and Acterra’s Environmental Enterprise of the year SolarCity which provides solar power system design, installation, monitoring and financing, all use eco-friendly business cards. It is but one signal of their commitment to environmental sustainability. You may not be a ‘tree hugger’ or an environmental activist, but you can play a role in protecting the environment. You do not have to commit vast amounts of time or money. Simply take that first, small step and buy green business cards.