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Green Hosting – a simple way to reduce Energy


One of the simplest ways to reducing your ecological footprint as a business is to choose green hosting. This is an easy, low cost way to both use and promote sustainability within your organization and send out a powerful message to your customers, employees and your community. 40% of the carbon dioxide produced in the United States is generated by electricity and one of the most resource hungry sectors is the data center. You might not know that data center energy consumption has doubled Since 2000, and that conventional web hosting providers use high amounts of  energy to power web servers and other IT and network equipment. In addition to the servers themselves, huge amounts of energy are needed to power environmental and cooling systems, electronic security devices, network equipment and other hardware.

Green Hosting is an increasingly popular and effective  solution for individuals and small to mid-size businesses to combat this rise in energy consumption. When you go down this route you are making an ethical choice to go green, as well as getting better performance and better value. You can make a positive contribution to the environment and also get the highest quality of service at competitive prices.

Bright Green Talent is dedicated to introducing sustainable ideas for business. We believe that IT energy use is one of the most  overlooked yet significant contributors to climate change.   Over the last five years the increase in use of IT related data systems and the power and cooling infrastructure that supports them have more than doubled energy.  Electrical consumption by data centers is projected to rise steeply, driven by the demand within almost every organization for greater computing capacity and increased IT centralization. At the same time, global electricity prices are on the rise – showing an increased of around 56% in recent years. The financial impact is considerable as estimates of annual power costs for  data centers in the US alone now range as high as $3.3 billion. Worldwide the figure is over $10 billion

– In addition centers contribute as much pollution as 4.7 million cars or 5.3 million U.S.households electricity usage, according to EPA sources.across the globe. Internet computers pollute the equivalent of 22 million cars. (source: Climate Savers Computing Initiative)

- According to Gartner,  just powering the worldwide Internet contributes about the same carbon emissions as the entire aviation industry. Moreover, there is general consensus that the industry is on track to double its energy consumption in the next 4 years. As we all go online and download videos and other intensive applications all this data has to be hosted somewhere. So this is why green hosting is such a great alternative to help reduce energy consumption.

–      In fact, more recently, as we evaluate the whole carbon cycle and factor in the manufacturing and transportation process of importing IT equipment, we can see that the carbon footprint equation (called “embedded carbon emissions”) is very damaging. Imports of new IT equipment are more damaging than 3.5 times all the electricity generated in California during the same time period.

The Future of Green Hosting

In another major shift, many corporations are starting to advocate and implement sustainable practices. Some are even asking that they be regulated on greenhouse gas emissions, arguing that it is the only way for them to plan for how to deal with the rising threat of global warming. A coalition of businesses and environmental groups formed a partnership called the U.S. Climate Action Partnership aimed at doing just that.

Shifting to Green hosting is an important part of a broader movement towards corporate sustainability, and Companies are increasingly realizing that going green could be a new way for companies to save — or even make — more green, in dollar terms and reduced environmental impact.  The strategies that are being implemented by some of the leading-edge companies are done to maximize profits and to mitigate risk.  We believe that this decision is as much driven by finances as by the desire to be responsible corporate citizens.

Every organization can benefit from green hosting. One of the biggest markets is the LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) and Corporate Social Responsibility.  In research conducted by the Natural Marketing Institute, more than 63 million LOHAS consumers support businesses that share their commitment to natural living and the health of their families, communities and environment.  This market of conscious consumers is highly desirable and largely untapped with an estimated $300 billion in market spending on goods and services that promote health, the environment and green living.  In the Corporate Social Responsibility markets Gartner predicts that more than a third of IT organizations will have one or more environmental criteria in their top six buying conditions  and Forrester Research  published a report showing that 85 percent of IT procurement officers surveyed thought environmental issues were important.  Most IT decision-makers also said that a green purchase would help to reduce costs and this would be a factor in their plans.Again  Green Hosting can play a major role in this strategy.

Making the data Center more sustainable is a straightforward, low cost and effective way of saving energy and also saving money. It is superior to Carbon Offsetting and it’s very easy for people and companies to do. It’s no more expensive than more traditional, non-green services.

Data center energy consumption is the direct cause of more than 2.5 % of the world’s pollution and this is growing rapidly every year. Green hosting provides the technology for us to make a big impact and stop needlessly adding to the problem. It is just like turning the lights off when you leave a room — very easy!  And the impact is like taking 22 million cars off the road or reducing the pollution equivalent to the sum of all aviation worldwide.

When you choose to implement green hosting you reap many benefits and this is one of the fastest ways to start being more energy efficient and creating a green brand that will help your company in many ways. We believe that this is the future of all data centers and we receommend you join the movement today.