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Green Jobs for Career Success and Personal Fulfilment

For over four years Bright Green Talent has been helping Candidates find the best green jobs. We want to  excite, inspire and motivate people to achieve their full potential. We  identify, recruit and support the talent that will build the green businesses and organizations that will create a sustainable future for us all. Moreover, an environmental career is, in many ways, the perfect choice for you. It is hard to know which direction to go in, and we have so many needs beyond simply earning a salary.  We all want Job Satisfaction, personal and professional development and a feeling that our day to day work is making a difference.  Fortunately, you can enjoy a large number of  benefits beyond what other work provides when you take this route. These include the following

Meaning –  Be engaged in a purpose bigger than yourself, bigger than making profit. Help build the Green Economy and discover congruence and integrity in your work.

Excitement - Be at the forefront of one of the biggest movements in the world – the drive to create a new sustainable model of business

Learning – Learn the leading edge management, business, technical and communication skills that are needed to lead this transformation

Career Success – You can build a successful career and achieve financial success while still sticking to your values. The perfect win-win!

Belonging – Be part of a group of passionate people who are building a culture to help each other reach their full potential. Everyone loves to be part of something bigger than themselves and collaborate to realize an inspiring vision

Green Jobs offer the promise of saving the Economy and the Environment. Green Jobs represent a unique phenomenon. They offer a great career, excellent rewards, a chance to contribute to society and our planet as well as the psychological benefits of engaging your values and finding meaning and purpose. At its highest level environmental career can integrate personal, career, organizational, social and environmental progress and development. You can be part of an extraordinary movement to not only help yourself and your organization but also your family, your community, your society, your planet. How many other types of work can offer the same?


The Talent that Corporations need to fill their Green Jobs

For over four years Bright Green Talent has been helping Clients recruit the Talent they need to achieve their growth. We identify and place environmental leaders–both emerging and experienced–in organizations throughout the world for a greener, more sustainable future. We’re a lean, green executive search team focused on results and service. Our ethics, environmental focus, international perspective, and stellar team make Bright Green Talent entirely unique. Our environmental focus means that we not only have deep sector knowledge of where to find existing environmental leaders, but that we can attract top talent from other sectors. Because our environmental focus spreads across every industry, candidates who work with us have the widest array of career opportunities to choose from, and organizations similarly reach the widest possible talent pool. In a global marketplace, our international reach also ensures your organization identifies and secures top talent worldwide.

Bright green Talent was created to help emerging green businesses and corporations committed to sustainability hire and develop the leaders they needed. There was and still is a big shortage of talented and experienced professionals. The new Eco-economy needs an enormous range of skills including architects, builders, designers, engineers, project managers, salespeople, managers and leaders with direct experience. Without this Talent the Green Economy could falter. Without talent investors will not invest in start ups. Without talent businesses will fail to fulfil their potential.

Bright Green Talent offers employers three primary services: retained search, contingency search, and consulting services. Retained search services are ideal for senior management searches. Bright Green Talent manages the entire search process, simplifying the process and time required of your organization. Our global reach helps you identify leaders who are prepared to work in a global economy.Bright Green Talent’s contingency search helps growing organizations build talented teams. Our contingency search services eliminate the financial risk for your organization–we only get paid when we find the right talent for you.

We also like to practice what we preach. Environmentally sound business practices require a firm to maximize the use of new technologies. Bright Green Talent has embraced internet technologies that enable remote conferencing and global collaborative work nearly round the clock to minimize our carbon footprint while maximizing our productivity. Fewer flights, more time searching for your ideal candidate, lower bills, and greater operational efficiency–it all makes environmental sense. Combine these daily business practices with a corporate social responsibility program that promotes community involvement, and you have got a cutting edge, green, global search firm that walks the talk and provides you unparalleled value.

Bright Green Talent has Green Jobs across all Sectors

Our jobs range across all industries, professions and types of organization. We place executives, managers, scientists, project managers, consultants, technical experts, sales and marketing staff and graduates in every type of business. One strong area is renewable energy jobs. Our positions include

Corporate Social Responsibility Managers

Environmental Managers

Renewable Energy Engineers

Pollution Control Specialists

Waste Management and Remediation Professionals

Sustainability Consultants

Water Industry Executives

Green Marketing Professionals

Carbon Credit Traders

Green Designers and Architects

Environmental Scientists

Environmental Attorneys

These jobs are available all across the US, Canada and in Europe and beyond. Even in our recession, there are still many opportunities as smart businesses know that their future depends on tackling the many different environmental challenges we all face.

Contact Us to find the ideal Green Jobs

So if you are looking to build a green why not contact us today at to learn more how we can help you. Every day we will be updating our list of jobs and we are completely dedicated to helping you achieve your personal and financial goals.

“With more than 25 years in the energy business, I have had many occasions to retain professional search firms in the U.S., Australia and Europe. None have been as professional, effective and timely as Bright Green Talent.” – Steven Mueller, CEO, International Woodfuels

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