Green Living

Green Living is Essential


Welcome to the Green Living Section of Bright Green Talent. Here you will find everything you need to lead a sustainable lifestyle and create a wonderful green home and garden. Green Living covers all areas of our everyday life and includes what we buy, how we manage our home and how we travel. It also embraces how we think about ourselves, our families, our society, our planet and the very future of humanity.

The good news is that there are now so many alternatives as more and more businesses and governments start to wake up to what is happening.  The bad news is that we have to act now and adopt alternatives to unsustainable,  wasteful lifestyles that are causing so much damage. Moreover,  we have to change now as we are facing an urgent crisis. Green Living is needed to provide solutions as the scale and severity of our predicament is overwhelming. Our challenges include species extinction, deforestation, sea pollution, desertification, topsoil reduction, and freshwater depletion. The potential consequences of our current direction are alarming, and include ecological collapse, major conflict, famine, drought, and economic depression.

Hypnotized by our repetitive, unsustainable lifestyle, we fail to see the big picture. We do not appreciate the beauty or the fragility of our planet, and fail to see the consequences of our toxic lifestyle. We deceive ourselves with the dangerous rationalization “out of sight, out of mind.” When we drive and fly, we do not see the pollution and carbon emissions. When we use cleaning products in our homes, we do not see the release of harmful chemicals. When we eat meat, we do not see the death of the cow or the ecological cost of getting the meal to our table.

Green Living means seeing the bigger picture and making connections. You can make connections between protecting the environment and every aspect of your lifestyle. When you walk instead of drive, you use less gas, save money, and improve your fitness. When you buy ecological products for your home, you protect your family from harmful toxins. When you work on a local conservation program, you protect your local ecosystem and gain all the proven benefits of community building, volunteering, and friendship.

Green Living is Positive

Green Living is a new form of lifestyle that connects physical, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing to sustainable practices. Unless people can weave sustainable practices into the everyday fabric of their lives no amount of reasoning about the ethical, scientific, economic and political advantages will lead to change.

So the key is to show that Green Living is a Positive life change that will only enhance our quality of life.  Fortunately there is more an more research that demonstrates how a sustainable lifestyle can boost your well-being, reduce stress and increase your happiness.  Simply increasing the amount of green space in our cities can have a major beneficial impact as shown in the recent report from the Environmental Health Research Foundation on the Benefits of Green Space.

Choosing the right food for our families, using non toxic materials and cleaning products in our home and drinking lots of pure water are all good for us and good for the planet. There are compelling win-win strategies for every area of our lives.  It is much easier than you might think.

Green Living is Healthy Living

There are many benefits to sustainable living that will have a profound impact on our families and communities. For example, eating organic food and walking, instead of driving, will help to improve your health and reduce the overall cost of healthcare if you take more preventative measures like a good diet and a fitness program.  An eco friendly lifestyle can help tackle obesity, diabetes, depression, cancer and heart disease.

Green Living is not just about buying Green Products, it is also about how you live day to day and how you connect with nature. For example, you should consider taking up hobbies that reconnect you with nature. Millions of people enjoy gardening and they are able to see nature at work in all its glorious detail through the seasons.

Perhaps the best example of green and healthy living is the simple act of walking. When we walk we are not using cars or other transport that use fossil fuels, but we are also gaining many other benefits too. We are improving our health and getting fitter, and we are also releasing endorphins that boost our immune system and sense of well-being. The joy of walking is that we can see, hear and feel nature at an intimate level and completely absorb ourselves in the present moment. When we slow down and pay attention to the beauty around us we are able to appreciate and reconnect with our environment, and also enjoy the pleasures of being in the flow and feeling a deep sense of calm. Spend a few hours a week living at nature’s pace as that is more natural than almost anything else we can do, and far more rewarding than shopping or watching the TV.

Green living means slowing down and this enables us to experience life, to live in the moment, to feel our emotions and to be aware of others. When we live life in the fast lane our experience becomes like looking at the countryside from a speeding train. It becomes a blur – whereas when we walk slowly in the same countryside we are at one with nature, we are in the moment, all our senses are engaged.

On our website we are going to focus on providing practical tools and strategies for gaining the full benefits of a sustainable lifestyle. Every week new products are launched and every week there are more and more consumers who are benefiting from organic food, renewable energy, green cleaning, eco tourism and many other green products.  We are going to feature the best products and practices from around the world, and make it easy, convenient and cost-effective for you to implement the principles of green living for you, your family and your friends.