Personal Development

Personal Development is the key to our Future


A commitment to our own personal development is closely connected to commitment to the well-being of society and our planet. In this section of our website you will find a wide range of resources, tools and techniques for building a happy, meaningful life.

The happiest people create a balance at home and work where they can achieve fulfilment and success. They engage their values by serving a cause greater than themselves.  We can find genuine happiness through serving others.

Moreover, there is a real urgency as we are facing massive challenges across the world and I am convinced that all of us need to work out a way in which we can dedicate our

lives and careers to dealing with these challenges. So we believe that personal development is critical to our future, and that all of us need to find a guiding philo

sophy that helps us and others in a sustainable way.

We need to live in a way that meets the huge challenges that we all face. These challenges include species extinction, deforestation, sea pollution, desertification, topsoil reduction, and freshwater depletion. The potential consequences of our current direction are

alarming, and include ecological collapse, major conflict, famine, drought, and economic depression.

The good news is that we have the knowledge and the technology needed to make progress. There are significant new initiatives across the world in renewable energy, sustainable technology and design and eco efficiency that will need Talent to lead them to their full potential. We know we have to rebuild our whole infrastructure and integrate manufacturing, businesses, housing, food supply and transportation in harmony with nature.

Once we accept responsibility, the next step is to develop creative solutions to our problems. This means limiting or stopping the invention of unsustainable products and the exploration for new oilfields—and redirecting our creativity, effort, and resources into sustainable technologies and renewable energies. At Bright Green Talent we want to facilitate this transformation by channeling the ingenuity and energy of talented professionals into this great work.

There has been a massive increase in media coverage and awareness of climate change over the last few years. What we now need is leadership that will turn our awareness and anxiety into the will to take action, and then follow through with long-term solutions. At every level, from communities and businesses to national governments and the United Nations, we need creative leaders more than at any time in our history.

We have to change everything – the way we live, the way we work, the way we eat, the way we travel, the way we  make things. We are at a defining moment in human history and our greatest crisis is also the greatest opportunity.

For the very changes that we have to make are going to require unprecedented levels of investment in new energy infrastructure, in new jobs, in new businesses in every sector of our lives. Investment that represents anything from a trillion to  $20 trillion new market over the next 20 years

So why not take advantage of what many believe is the biggest business opportunity  for decades – the emerging Green Economy. The recession has delayed things but the Green Economy will still create millions of jobs and fundamentally change the way we live. Most political leaders around the world, including President Obama, believes this and so do CEOs, investors and academics too.

This is a wonderful time to get a green job or become a green entrepreneur.  You can be successful, find fulfillment and make a positive contribution to the world by growing a career or a new business that is socially and environmentally responsible. You can align your own personal development to your career development and make great balanced, positive progress. This is the essence of self-actualization that we all ultimately want in our lives.

We also want to develop Bright Green Talent into Bright Green Leaders who share a bright, positive vision of a future where society has shifted from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and environmental protection is a top priority. Bright Green Leaders believe that we can solve our environmental problems through innovation, design, creativity and the mobilization of people, finance and organizational resources. They dedicate their personal development and their careers towards leading their organizations, communities and families to a bright green future in both the private and public sectors.

When you start a green career  you also join a community of like-minded people who want to make a difference. You will form life-long networks of colleagues, friends and fellow leaders united in a common purpose, and there has never been a time when we have needed such leaders more than we do right now

Nothing is more satisfying that knowing that you are earning a living by making positive contribution to the world. The happiest people love their work, and they love serving other people and a cause greater than themselves.  They find a great balance between success and significance

Indeed, we are going to focus our efforts on identifying and supporting environmental leaders. We have decided that the best use of our time, energies, and skills is to recruit current and future environmental leaders for our clients on both sides of the Atlantic. We work with corporations, start-ups, NGOs, and government agencies with a strong commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility. We are encouraging the brightest and best of our respective generations to dedicate their careers to protecting the Environment .

We have  also created Bright Green to help organizations to improve society and our planet. We believe that people want more than just a paycheck from their work. And we believe that, to achieve their full potential, employees need a cause that is greater than their own self-interest. Even if you do not directly work in this sector, the point is that wherever you work or live, you can make a difference.

So please let us know your views, and what areas of personal development are most important to you. We want and need your help. If you want to create a blog on our site about personal development let us know at Thank you!