Reds Out Performing Blue States In Green Job Sector Growth

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The US Election campaign has been characterized by the two sides exchanging verbal volleys in regards to the economy and the pros and cons of the green business sector. With green jobs and the lack of growth being a particular favorite of the Romney campaign, it is slightly ironic that the highest growth figures for jobs in the clean energy and energy efficiency sectors came in Red states or swing states.

The report “Clean Economy,” (which I have talked about in a previous blog post) written up by DBL Investors in San Francisco, SolarCity and BrightSource, shows statistics of the top ten states in the United States which are showing the greatest growth in the green sector. Out of the ten, only two are Blue states, or traditionally Democrat voting, while 4 out of the ten are Red states that normally vote Republican in election years. The 4 remaining states were technically swing states. It shows again that the debate over green jobs is very much election posturing and that in the main local and state authorities really don’t share the same views as their compatriots on Capitol Hill. The report makes out that people should be focusing much less what is going on in Washington and more on the positive jobs growth on the state and local level:

“We need to hear less from Capital Hill, and more from Main Street.”

More interesting statistics in the report show even greater affiliation between the Republican states and green jobs. If we go by workforce alone in each states, 6 out of the top ten states with the biggest green workforces are Republican, with merely 3 being Democrat and the final one a swing state, although it must be noted that the biggest workforces are in states with the largest populations in general. Nearly half of the fastest growing states for green jobs are in swing states (7 out of 17)

So why are politicians making such a big issue of it when it can clearly be seen that many states, regardless of affiliations to one party one another, are trying to create jobs in all areas? Conservative governors such as New Jersey’s Chris Christie and even Texas’s Rick Perry are extolling the virtues of green jobs simply because they are jobs, the more that are created in any sector the better for the overall economy.

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