Going Green Facts

Millions of people talk about going green as a great way to help the planet and its inhabitants, but for most people this is just a vague concept. First of all, we believe that you need to be aware of a number of going green facts that may guide you. These will, in turn, lead to everyday actions you can take to make the changes in your lifestyle a reality. Activities like recycling, saving water, cutting down on the use of fossil fuels and making different choices when it comes to food, travel, entertainment and work can all play a role in helping you to live more sustainably. With a little thought and planning you can take small steps each day towards a greener planet.

Learning about the so called “green” life is very important, especially if you want to start making some changes around your household. This is a great way to educate yourself about some green facts that will most definitely help you in the future with your green household.

Taking the time to recycle is one of the simplest steps towards going green, that any family can start doing immediately. Discarded trash does not magically disappear. It goes into landfills and can take years to breakdown. Today many municipal landfills are at or near capacity. Taking the time to separate your trash into recyclables and biodegradables can be very important and make a real difference. Many cities have recycling centres for your old newspapers, plastic, metal and glass containers. Some centres even pay you for your waste products. Many local waste removal companies can provide special bins for plastic, metal and paper products. Look into it. You could be well on your way to having a greener lifestyle by learning about these go green facts.

Saving water is another ‘going green’ activity most people can adopt without radically changing their lifestyle. An easy way to ensure you and your family cut down on the amount of water you use is by installing low flow shower heads, fixtures and toilets. People waste tens of gallons of water each day without realizing it. By cutting down on the amount of water you use each time you take a shower or use the restroom you can be on your way to going green while saving yourself some green on your water bill. Water is our most precious resource and we cannot take its availability for granted any more.

Walking is another excellent way to do your part to create a greener planet, and appreciating its benefits is one of the most significant go green facts. The average person jumps in their automobile several times a day to go to work, school or just to the store. Combining trips or walking to do an errand when possible can-do wonders for your health and the health of the planet. Walking produces no dangerous emissions, saves energy and is a free, fun way to get some exercise. If there are safe sidewalks where you live, take the children for a walk with you. You will be helping the planet and helping your children develop healthy habits. Walking is truly the perfect activity.  It is wonderful for the mind, for the body and for the soul – and for our Earth too!

Going GreenAs you become more aware of more going green facts you will recognize many opportunities for small alterations to your behaviour at home and at work. For example, changing the standard light bulbs in your home to energy efficient Energy Star rated light bulbs is yet another simple step that you can take. Energy Star light bulbs reduce the amount of greenhouse gases people produce. It can also save them money on their utility bills. Some estimate if every household in the U.S. switched to energy efficient light bulbs they would eliminate the greenhouse gasses equal to that produced by almost 10 million cars. Walk around your home and begin changing to Energy Star light bulbs. You will see the difference on your energy bill and the planet will benefit from your sustainable action.

Replacing all your appliances with Energy Star qualified product is another great way to go green. Energy Star qualified products use less energy and release less greenhouse gasses into the air than traditional products. Running out and replacing all your appliances immediately might be unrealistic and prohibitively expensive. Instead, as your appliances need to be replaced be sure to replace them with Energy Star qualified products. They will save you money in the short term and go a long way towards helping the planet in the long run. It is only when we start to think about the long term, and the legacy we want to leave for our children and grandchildren, that we can begin to see the big picture and how important are our small, incremental changes that we make now.

GreenMaking sure your home is properly sealed and insulated is another excellent way to implement the knowledge from going green facts. Sealing and insulating your home helps you to save money while taking positive green actions. It can also be a fun and educational project for the entire family. Take time one day to walk around inside and outside your home and identify places where energy may be escaping. Work together to fix them. Share and discuss going green facts. Have family members suggest other green acts they think the family could take. Try them. And if you are too busy or unsure of what to do try contacting your local Utility company or City Offices, as there are many excellent schemes to help you. Often, a professional will visit your home for no charge and advise you of how to cut energy costs with a simple list of small actions to take.

Global impact is built on local action. Green living is a great way to help maintain a healthy global ecology. By making small changes in your lifestyle you too can have a global impact. Regular daily actions have an impact. Learn the going green facts so you have the knowledge to make the right decisions. The more you know, the more you understand how critical it is for you and your family to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. This is the first, vital step in the process of transformation and it all starts with you.  Choosing to drive less, use less resources and recycle every day is not just a personal statement of your values, it is also a positive contribution to the health of our planet. These are the most important Going Green facts of all!