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Welcome to Bright Green Talent where we showcase the most talented people and organizations from around the world that are contributing to making you happier and more successful while making our planet healthier. If you are committed to personal growth and want to make a positive difference to our society and to our planet then we have a wide range of ideas, tools and solutions to help you. You can find everything you need for your well-being, your career, your home, your travel and every aspect of your life at Bright Green Talent. And check out our sister site for an exciting new programme from Paul and leading Olympic athletes about how to be more engaged and effective at work.

This is a great way to meet some of the people who are contributing to the health of our planet. Of course, everyone who is living a green life is making a contribution, but these people have gone a step further. It is never too late to go green and change your life to a green living.

Our Site is divided into four main categories that provide solutions to our different needs and roles in life .

Green Jobs

For job seekers you will find the latest green jobs as well as advice for finding that perfect green and socially responsible job. We have a number of articles including green energy jobs that you may find useful.

Green Business

If you are an executive, manager, professional or entrepreneur you will discover a wide range of resources, information and tools for green business growth

Green Living

Do you want to lead a healthy, green lifestyle? Discover the best ideas, products and advice for a sustainable living for you and your family

Personal Development

Are you committed to self-help and personal growth? Are you interested in learning new practices that nourish your mind, body and soul? Discover how you can achieve your full potential and achieve success and fulfilment by leading a life that is good for you, your community and the planet.

Bright Green Talent was founded in 2007 with the vision of helping people to find green jobs and devote their careers to solving the planet’s most urgent challenges. We believe that the ideal profession integrates financial security with meaningful and fulfilling work and supports individuals’ development and passions within and outside the workplace. Bright Green Talent is dedicated to recruiting a new generation of environmental leaders in every area of life.  On our website you will find the best talent from every sector of society including academics, authors, executives, activists, scientists, policy makers and every form of expert. All of our Talent shares our vision and if you would like to contribute please contact us at

Green LivingWe are adding new resources all the time and this week we have added new articles about green hosting, green business grants, green business cards and companies going green that highlights the many benefits for business of becoming more sustainable. In particular, we examine the food industry and other businesses where corporations, consumers and the planet all gain from creative initiatives. If you are new to the environment you should read our article on going green facts that lists the many reasons for adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Bright Green Talent is part of a larger group of sustainable companies and you can visit our partners to learn more about Green MBA programs and Green Marketing. We are dedicated to being the leading online resource for everyone who is looking to green their home, their career, their business and their life and we want to provide every resource you will ever need to achieve well-being for yourself, your family and your planet. Going green is not simply an ethical decision, it is also a decision to be compassionate, to be happy and to lead a life that embodies both success and fulfilment. This is why we feature Personal Development as a separate category because moving towards a sustainable lifestyle often goes hand in hand with a commitment to changing yourself too, as you evaluate your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.

We want to help people who are struggling to find balance, meaning or well-being in their lives. Do you want to make a good living and also do work that you are passionate about, and that makes a positive contribution. The world is changing at an alarming rate and we have never felt more insecure at work and at home. In the face of seismic economic, social, political and technological changes we are still stuck in old ways of thinking and living that are failing to give us the happiness we all crave.

What we need is a new philosophy for living in this emerging new world where we can be make a living, be happy and help others find happiness too. This is the Bright Green philosophy. You can build a life based on Success, Fulfilment and Contribution. These are the three qualities of authentic success at home and at work. We are convinced that you need all three to achieve long-term well-being

Success = Financial growth with a green job and a green business. Making a Living and achieving your goals

Fulfilment =Personal growth. Achieving happiness, finding meaning and peace of mind

Contribution = Helping others and contributing to Society

Green BusinessCommitting to a Bright Green vision and green living also means asking difficult questions about every aspect of your life. How can we achieve our own well-being without compromising the well-being of other people and the planet itself?  There are over six billion inhabitants on earth, soon to rise to nine billion, and we must find compelling answers or face catastrophe. It is essential that we recognize that we are all connected and that when we reconnect the different facets of our lives and reconnect with our fellow humans and with nature a marvellous transformation starts to take place.

We want to engage you in finding solutions for your most pressing issues. These include problems most of us face, at one time or another, such as stress, depression, obesity, addiction, work-life imbalance, fatigue, meaninglessness and fear. All of these problems are connected and are also symptoms of a dysfunctional economic, socio-political, and cultural system which is trapping us in a damaging “prison”.  For our disconnection is preventing us from realising our extraordinary potential as humans connected to each other and Nature.

We hope to motivate you to start asking the question “am I making the right connections” when you make decisions at home, at work and in public activities. When you choose green jobs, green business and green living you will be making the right choice. When we choose connection, we will begin to achieve authentic well-being for all of humanity and enjoy a sustainable future.