Why Is the Walt Whitman Bridge Painted Green?

Most likely you have heard about the poet Walt Whitman, even if you haven’t heard some of his work, you definitely heard about the Walt Whitman bridge. This bridge is unique and very special for many reasons, first of all it is one of the largest bridges on the east coast of the U.S. Some people don’t even know how old this bridge is and the meaning behind it, well if you are one of those people, you are in the right place learn all of that.

Walt Whitman BridgeThe construction of this bridge started back in 1953 and it was opened to the public just four years later in 1957 which was considered to be a normal building time back then. Nowadays, with the technology that we have now and with all the knowledge that we have gathered, the engineers can build a similar or even a bigger bridge in just a year or two. We hope that you love learning new things becauseall of our articles have educational purpose.

This is a massive bridge and you can tell that when you are standing on it, with its seven lanes it is a very important part of the community there. This bridge is painted in a very special and unusual color and that is green. All the other bridges that you take a look at don’t have such unique color, so there has to be a deeper meaning behind this paint job. We are here to talk about that deeper meaning of the color green on the Walt Whitman bridge.


Learning about the symbolism of this bridge is very important because that is the only way you can understand why people choose this color. That’s why we suggest read all of this and educate yourself about the deeper and symbolic meaning of this bridge. One of the main theories that people have about this green painted bridge is that it is a symbol of green energy or renewable energy. Of course, that might not be true because there are no facts or any proof about this theory. A lot of locals who are from that area and who use the bridge always say that the bridge has a strange vibe whenever they go on it.

As always, there are other people who strongly disagree with that and they have their own theories that we are going to talk about later. Back in 1953 when the construction started, the renewable energy wasn’t something people were talking about because they didn’t have this type of technology that we have now.

Green Future

One thing we can take from this and that is the fact that people are talking about renewable or green energy more often when they are close to this bridge and that is a great thing. We have tolearn just how important this type of energy will be for us in the future. If we want to save our planet, we will have to turn to these renewable energy sources because they are extremely environment-friendly.